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Once upon a time, a fairy tale touched the world… Join Magelica on her adventures to the Isle of Dreams and discover the magic that is Magelica! Magelica is a fairytale character with green hair and wings. She goes on an incredible journey in a flying bathtub in the first book of the Magelica’s Voyage Trilogy, and in the second book Magelica’s Voyage: The Rescue, she bravely helps rescue a prince stranded on a mysterious island! The underlying message of the story is to inspire and empower your adventurers to believe in themselves and in the power of positive thinking. Let Magelica’s Magic entertain you!

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The Rescue

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Prince William was fighting to steer the boat from the black rocks surrounding an island, but the water was too rough. Just as the boat was about to crash, Will and Goldy leaped into the raging sea. When Magelica dreams of a prince lost on a deserted island, she realizes that it could lead to his rescue. She returns to the Isle of Dreams to tell Queen Raya what she knows. Can they save Prince Will before it’s too late? Will the power of laughter and love be enough?

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The Rescue

“The Rescue is a beautifully illustrated and beautifully written children’s story with an important message about being happy and staying positive, even in very difficult circumstances. Louise Courey Nadeau presents this gentle lesson in a light-hearted and brilliantly illustrated manner that draws in readers young and old.”

Magelica’s Voyage

The First Book

Who ever heard of a girl being hatched from an egg the colour of sapphires? Magelica doesn’t know where she came from or who she really is. But when she’s transported to the Isle of Dreams in a flying bathtub, she launches into an exciting adventure of discovery. Come fly with Magelica, and discover for yourself the power of imagination, positivity, believing in yourself, and love!

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Share the magic. Wear the magic. Believe in the magic of life.

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