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Happiness is a choice! Just do it!

Make Your Life Magical…One Step at a Time! It’s easy to be happy when life goes your way, when you feel special and loved. But, what about when things are tough? When hurt or s...

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Do You Believe in Magic?

  Make Your Life Magical…One Step at a Time! Join me in my first blog post and give it a try! My name is Louise. I am a mothe...

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Magelica’s Voyage

Share the magic. Wear the magic. Believe in the magic of life. Hatched from an egg the color of brilliant sapphires, Magelica and her friends take children on a fantasy-filled adventure to the Isle of Dreams, where they discover the power of imagination, believing in yourself and that love is the key to being happy. Created by Canadian Louise Courey Nadeau, Magelica’s Voyage is a new, fun and modern fairy tale inviting young children and t...

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