Author Louise Courey Nadeau’s Inspiration for Magelica

Writer’s have various reasons for creating storylines, but author of the Magelica trilogy and mother of 4 Louise Courey, drew inspiration from her experiences as a mother and business woman to craft some of the best books for kids available. During a series of recent interviews, Louise Courey delved deeper into her inspiration for Magelica and why she is so passionate about writing books for children...

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Magelica is an inspiring tale of a small fairy

They say daughters grow up faster than sons. Most parents want their daughters to stay little and share the amazement through their eyes whenever they see something new and exciting. When was the las...

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Once Upon a Time: A Fairy Tale Arrives to Inspire Children
Magelica brings a Magical Voyage to the World for the Holidays

Montreal, Canada (November 1, 2014) --- She was hatched from an egg the color of brilliant blue sapphires. Not knowing from where she came, or who she really is, Magelica is magically transported in a flying bathtub on an extraordinary adventure to the Isle of Dreams, unleashing the power of the imagination, the importance of positivity, kindness, love, gratitude, and the gift of believing in one's self. This beautifully illus...

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Meet Louise Courey Nadeau – Interview with Friday Night Books

Friday Night Books A marketing and advertising executive, a tireless fundraiser for many charities, a painter, gardener and mother to two daughters and two sons, L...

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Author Interview Beach Bound Books – Louise Courey Nadeau

Meet Louise Courey Nadeau, Author of Magelica's Voyage A ...

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Changing the World One Girl at a Time: Kite Readers Interview with Louise Courey Nadeau

We are so happy to have had the opportunity to interview the creator of Magelica’s Voyage, Louise Courey! Magelica’s Voyage is a fantastic fantasy filled with adventure, fun characters, and a truly inspiring message for young girls. Magelica is a young, bright, and curious girl, who does not know where she came from or who she re...

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Welcome to Magelica’s World

We are so looking forward to sharing Magelica’s world with you. Magelica is a beautiful new character that will amaze and entertain you with her adventures, stories and musings. She believes in the power of love and the magic of positive thinking. Magelica’s Voyage is all about imagination, fairy tales, magical feathers and wait until we tell you about her crazy wacky friends….. Magelica ROCKS! Discover Magelica and her friend...

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Conversations Live with Cyrus Webb

Louise Courey Nadeau Talks ‘Magelica’s Voyage’ on What She Said Sirus Radio

Magelica, Changing the World One Girl at a Time Breakfast Television Montreal

Ontario CHCH Superstation The Magic in Magelica